The Llano County Library System Foundation has established an endowment account with the Highland Lakes Legacy Fund, a family of charitable funds administered by the Austin Community Foundation. Highland Lakes Legacy Fund has become a highly respected foundation since its establishment in 1977.

The LCLSF is dedicated to fruitful grants for the Llano County Library System, which includes the Lakeshore Library, the Kingsland Library and the Llano County Library. The Legacy will invest LCLSF’s funds to grow; however, the principal always is under the control of the LCLSF. We are dedicated to growing the endowment over time, some day reaching true security for Llano County libraries.

Donations can be made using the Legacy website, Paypal or, by US mail.  Legacy donations can be one-time or set up for regular repeat donations.  Legacy accepts credit cards or bank drafts.  Memorial donations can be made using either Legacy or US mail.  PayPal is for one time donations using a credit card and will go into LCLSF’s working bank account to be transferred to Legacy at a future date.

If you want to make a donation log directly to the Legacy Fund, log on to:

  • Click on Make a Donation in red bar under the pictures at the top of the webpage.
  • Choose amount you want to donate or click on specify an amount and enter that amount.
  • Click on one-time payment or Monthly options
  • Choose fund type: Agency
  • Scroll down to find Llano County Library System Foundation and click on it.
  • Enter your name, address, email and phone.
  • Click yes or no to give in someone’s memory
  • Enter credit info as directed.

Use the following link to make a donation using PayPal.  PAYPAL

Or, you can mail checks to:  LCLSF, PO Box 343, Llano, TX 78643.

Please make your check payable to LCLSF or Llano County Library System Foundation.



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