“The only true equaliser in the world are books;
the only treasure-house open to all comers is a library;
the only jewel which you can carry beyond the grave is wisdom.”
– J. A. Langford

The Llano County Library System Foundation is committed to insuring that funding will be available now and in the future for our Llano County Library System.  We feel that the role of the Public Library is important and one that we want to see continued for our children, grandchildren and their offspring.

As you may be aware, the national economic downturn has forced Llano County Commissioners to revise the County budget to include significant cuts. The priorities established by Commissioners’ Court include substantial cuts in the County General Fund transfers to the Library. The resulting reduction in funds available to the Library is such that choices must be made between closing the Library one or more days per week on the one hand and purchasing replacement books and supplies as needed on the other hand. Either choice will result in a significant reduction in Library services to those who benefit most from the resources currently provided by the Library.

It is imperative that those of us who support the Llano County Library System fully understand that in order for the Library to be able to continue to provide the current level of service, additional funds are required for the Llano County Library System!

The Llano County Library System Foundation (Foundation) was formed as a 501(c)(3) (private) organization and  exists to solicit and collect funds for the Llano County Library System as a whole, not for any specific branch.

The long-term goal of the Foundation, to accumulate sufficient funds to establish a permanent endowment fund for the Library, has been realized. A fund has been established with Highland Lakes Legacy Funds.  This fund is in its infancy and will require much effort to grow so that it will be able to contribute significantly to the Library on a continuing basis.

There are no salaried employees, no office expenses, and no reimbursements to any members. As our efforts grow in scope and complexity, a small portion of the funds collected will be used to cover expenses in ongoing advertising and public relations campaigns as well as for fund-raising events as the opportunities arise.

If you agree with our goals and purposes, please provide us with your contact information and any comments you care to share. Please consider contributing to our efforts to keep our valuable Library resource from withering and dying!


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