“When I read about the way in which library funds are being cut and cut, I can only think that American society has found one more way to destroy itself.”  –Isaac Asimov

Formed in 2015 in response to County budget cuts, LCLSF is committed to providing a long-term solution to budgetary shortfalls and insuring that the libraries in Llano County will be able to continue their present level of service for generations to come.  Our goal is for our endowment fund to grow to the point that it can generate sufficient income to support all three library branches.

In Texas, it is not mandated that counties provide libraries for their citizens.  Indeed, the libraries in our neighboring county of Burnet are all privately funded.

LCLSF is committed to insuring that funding will be available in the future for our library system.  We feel that the role of the public library is important and one that we want to see continued for our children.  In order for the libraries to continue to provide the current level of service, additional funds will be required.

The long-term goal of LCLSF is to accumulate sufficient funds in a permanent endowment fund for the Library.  LCLSF opened such a fund in 2015 with Highland Lakes Legacy Funds, a family of funds at Austin Community Foundation.  This fund will require much effort to grow so that it will be able to contribute significantly to the libraries in Llano County as needed.

As our efforts grow in scope and complexity, a small portion of the funds collected will be used to cover expenses in ongoing advertising and public relations campaigns as well as for fund-raising events as the opportunities arise.  Directors serve without compensation.

If you agree with our goals and purposes, please provide us with your contact information and any comments you care to share.  To donate, please use the “DONATE” link above.

“Bad libraries build collections.  Good libraries build services.  Great libraries build communities.”  –R David Lankes


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